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 Why make the patterns? The answer is very simple - you will be using the measurements of the child you are wanting to sew for, therefore all the garments you make will fit those particular measurements.  If your child or friend's young girl is among the millions of overweight children who is impossible to fit using the plus size children's store bought sewing patterns, or  ready made clothing items, this class is the answer to your fitting problems.

The EASY Pattern Making class for plus size girls ages 2-8 contains 77 pages and is packed with information on how to take the child's measurements and then using those personal measurements to make nearly every garment you'd want for the child.  The class includes step by step instructions, diagrams and drawings in order to make it as easy as possible to make the patterns.

You'll receive over 35 patterns for shorts, slacks, dresses, skirts, blouses, pajamas and nightgowns, plus information on how to change any of the patterns to make over 100 additional styles.  When you consider the fact that this class covers the entire age range of 2-8, you can use any of the patterns for whatever age your child is, then simply make new "basic" patterns as the child grows, rather than having to go out and purchase all new "store bought" patterns for the various garment styles, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars, plus knowing that every garment made following the EASY Pattern Making method is guaranteed to fit those measurements. 

Girls 101 - EASY Pattern Making Class for Plus Size Girls ages 2-8 - $14.95

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