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You can easily make a child's denim blue jeans purse from an old pair of outgrown jeans.

Cut the legs off a pair of child's blue jeans at the crotch line.  Turn inside out and sew across the cut-off edge twice for strength, then zig zag the seam so that it won't ravel.

For a closure at the top you can sew snaps on the inside in the same area as the belt loops, or use the round glue in velcro dots.  Make a short or shoulder-length strap from the remaining denim by cutting the strip 3" wide, then with right sides together, sew the strip using 1/2" seams.  Turn the "tube" right side out and attach the strap securely on the inside at both sides of the purse.

The jeans front and back pockets are perfect pockets for money, gum or whatever small items she wants to fill them with.

Suggestion:  you can find outgrown children's jeans at flea markets or yard sales that you could buy for probably a quarter or 50 cents.  The blue jeans purse would make an excellent gift for a young girl, and could easily be sold in order to make a little extra money.


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