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Learn to sew faster, better and easier with this book.  Many of these time savers are so simple, you'll wonder why you never thought of them before.  This book contains the best of customer hints and tips accumulated over 25 years.

D. Bloss, MD wrote to us saying "I was looking through your '500 Kwik and Easy Sewing Tips' book for a particular item, but found so many things I needed that I started putting sticky tabs on the pages of hints I knew I'd need for my next project.  I have so many sticky tabs throughout the book that I'm wondering how I got along all this time without your terrific book!  Thanks for putting these hints and tips together - they're great!"

Don't let another day go by without this valuable time saving and money saving book.  You'll have the corners turned down on nearly every page so you won't forget the tips and hints on those pages - or have a book full of sticky tabs like Ms. Bloss does!

Hint #71 will prevent stitching problems with your sewing project.

Have a hard time "pulling" the needle through the fabric on hand sewing projects?  Hint #276 will save much time and frustration on your hand sewing projects!

Do trims and laces shrink and draw up when you wash the garment?  Hint #300 will be a lifesaver for you!

Can't find thread to match a print fabric?  Hint #352 will solve your problem!

Looking for ideas for projects?  Hint #473 will help you.

KST-101 "500 Kwik and Easy Sewing Tips" $9.95 + $2.00 P&H

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